What is Drain Field Rock?

Drain field rock is used to cover septic drain fields, which are also commonly called leach fields or leach drains. This is a vital part of your septic system that is designed to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that comes from your septic tank. The septic field, which is usually a system of trenches dug into the soil, is covered with a layer of gravel, or as we refer to it, drain field rock. This part of the septic system is located further along than the septic tank and helps to purify the detritus that comes from your septic tank.

How Does Drain Field Rock Work?

How permeable the rock layer over your septic field is depends on the size of the gravel that you decide to use. It can vary from property to property, but having the right size of gravel helps water not to flow too fast or slow from your septic field. Typically, you will see pea-sized gravel used in leach field applications. The experts at MJS Materials can provide you with deeper insight concerning the type of gravel you should use for your drainage field. 

Depend on MJS Materials for Your Drain Field Rock Needs.

When you need any quantity of drain field rock, we encourage you to contact us at MJS Materials! You can buy drain field rock in bulk, or you can buy however much you need for an individual project. We have a large fleet of loader and hauler vehicles, and we can deliver materials directly to your work site in a timely manner. Please contact us today so we can get started on your drain field project! If you have any questions regarding the composition of our drain field rock, or what varieties of drain field rock are available, please call us, and speak to one of our materials experts.