What Is Washed Sand?

Washed sand is typically a very fine sand, usually composed mostly of silica rock. Silica is one of the most abundant rock materials on earth, so it is widely available and very cost-effective for your commercial or recreational applications. Washed sand is fine sand, usually silica, that has been washed to remove excess salt, silt, clay, dust and powder that make normal sand feel coarse. After being washed, this fine sand is usually separated out by size, from larger grains, all the way to ultra-fine grains. Different applications require different grain sizes, and washed sand is available in virtually any size you need. 

Washed Sand Uses

Because of its abundance, washed sand has found uses in many areas of everyday life. Masons will use washed sand in their mixtures for creating mortar for bricklaying and stonework. The fine-grain nature of washed sand also makes it ideal for creating recreational areas, like volleyball courts, or for supplementing existing recreational beaches. Washed sand is a popular choice for landscaping design needs and pool installations as well. Washed sand finds more practical applications when it is used to cover ice or snow covered roadways, as well as being used in concrete mixtures. This widely available sand is very versatile and will find use for you in practically any industrial or residential construction project.

Washed Sand Delivery in Florida

MJS Materials has been serving the state of Florida for decades, and we’ve always made customer satisfaction our number one priority! We employ a large fleet of material loaders and haulers, and can be on our way to your worksite in a matter of hours after you place your order. In most cases, we can deliver on the same day as your order, or at the very latest, the next day. We’ll bring whatever quantity of washed sand you need directly to your worksite! Contact MJS Materials today to learn more about our washed sand. Our materials experts will gladly answer any questions you may have to make sure that you have the best experience possible and are provided with the materials that you need to accomplish your project goals.