1. Great Ideas for Landscaping With Rock

    Does Your Yard Need Something More? Have you stood out in your yard, looking over the landscape design, and thought to yourself, “I just think there needs to be something more?” At MJS Materials in Florida, we believe the answer to your question may be simple — rock! There are some very simple and effective ways that you can implement rock elements into your landscape design to make it pop. …Read More

  2. Rock Materials Delivered to You!

    Quick and Easy Rock Delivery! MJS Materials has been serving the state of Florida for over 20 years, and over that time period, we’ve been hard at work bringing all of our customers the rock materials they need, when they need them. We have a huge fleet of rock loaders and haulers, and we’re capable of bringing whatever quantity of rock, sand, gravel, and more directly to you! Read on to learn…Read More