As one of Florida’s leading suppliers of building materials, land development and construction professionals rely on MJS Materials, Inc. for all of their building supply needs. Those in the road construction industry need quality road rock and road base materials for surface applications and projects like construction and maintenance of county and state rock roadways. Our wide selection of road rock supply comes in various types and sizes. Whatever your project, we have the materials to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. 


Our high-quality road rock is an aggregate material that is made up of fractured pieces of limestone that is blended with a determined amount of fines, which makes it very compatible. Road rock material can be effectively used to create a stable base for various applications, such as foundation fabrication,  underlayment for stabilization, and the construction of driveways, pathways, and county and state roads. 


Road base material can be used to stabilize subgrade beneath paving material and is commonly used for building parking lots and highways. Our selection of road base materials are considered compactable and will make a firm driving surface for a range of applications, from pathways to road construction base.


We have top-grade material that meets or exceeds the specifications set by Department of Transportation (DOT) for road construction. Fractured faces created during the crushing process make this quality material very compatible. Whether you need DOT road rock for small applications or large scale projects, we have the solutions you need. 


Recycled road rock aggregate is created by crushing concrete or asphalt. Recycled aggregate can be used for various applications, however, the most common use is for road construction projects. It is also commonly used for smaller products such as base applications, including driveways, paving, and concreting.

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When your project calls for high-quality road rock material, you can rely on MJS Materials for prompt and efficient delivery. Our fleet of rugged, reliable loaders and haulers guarantee on-time load delivery at low rates.

With a fleet of ruggedly dependable loaders and haulers, we are able to confidently guarantee a of all your aggregate needs. Regardless of the size of your road rock load, we never say no. If you have a need — we have a way. To learn more about our selection of road rock construction material, contact us today.