What Is Recycled Concrete?

Recycled concrete usually comes from construction sites where concrete structures, like sidewalks, have been demolished using crushing equipment and large compactors. That concrete is then collected and able to be reused in other projects. Recycled concrete can be mixed with other recycled or virgin materials to create an aggregate mixture for foundations and base layers. When the recycled concrete is processed, unwanted materials like metal and other elements are removed, giving you a clean, refined concrete product. 

What Uses Are There For Recycled Concrete?

Recycled concrete is usually mixed with other rock to create an aggregate mixture. This is commonly used in sub-foundation layers for roadways, parking lots, or driveways. Recycled concrete is typically a much more budget-friendly option to standard concrete or aggregate mixtures. Recycled concrete can also be used in place of where you may otherwise use gravel or other paving materials. It works well for paving walkways, driveways, or other outdoor surfaces. Its porous nature allows rainwater to pass through it, helping to replenish groundwater and putting less strain on drainage systems. In many cases, recycled concrete can also be used as an inexpensive landscaping solution. Recycled concrete has also been used in offshore projects to rejuvenate coral reef environments, as coral can easily attach to concrete. There are several ways to give recycled concrete new life!

Buy Recycled Concrete In Bulk or In Whatever Quantity You Need

MJS Materials is your best resource for recycled concrete. We have a large fleet of loaders and haulers that can bring whatever amount of recycled concrete directly to your work site in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding our recycled concrete, including uses, environmental benefits, and pricing, please contact us today! We look forward to being able to work with you on your construction projects.