What is Pea Gravel?

Pea gravel, or pea rock, is small, crushed rock, usually around ⅜” in size. Pea gravel can come in a variety of colors, since it is an aggregate of several different types of rock. The most common colors of pea gravel available include browns and grays, as well as more vibrant colors, like warm reds or cool blue-gray tones. One of the characteristics of pea gravel that is desirable is its smooth texture and rounded edges. Pea gravel is extremely versatile and finds use in almost any project you can think of.

How Is Pea Gravel Used?

Pea gravel is a very common material used in landscaping and roadway construction. Since pea gravel is available in many colors and has a smooth, appealing texture, it is often found in recreational areas for decorative purposes, such as accentuating flower beds, gardens, and pathways. Playgrounds and other areas, like dog runs and side yards, are normal places you’ll find pea gravel. While it is often used aesthetically, it does have functionality as well, often being utilized in areas that require adequate drainage, or as a foundational layer for underground pipes. Pea gravel is extremely versatile, so the possibilities for its application are practically unlimited!

Let MJS Materials Be Your Pea Gravel Supplier

Whether you need to purchase a large amount of pea gravel in bulk, or you just need enough to work on your backyard landscaping, MJS Materials has you covered. We have a large fleet of both haulers and loaders that can bring any amount of pea gravel directly to your worksite in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding the pea gravel that we provide, please contact one of our materials experts now! We will answer any and all questions you may have. Thank you for letting MJS Materials be your supplier for all of your building project needs!