What is Gunite?

Gunite is a process for mixing and applying concrete simultaneously. While some concrete applications require mixing concrete beforehand, this process uses a dry mixture, which is the gunite, and feeds it into a high-pressure water jet, mixing and applying concrete at the same time. MJS Materials can provide this dry mixture for all of your quick concrete application needs!

Gunite Uses

Gunite is very frequently used when constructing pools. The pre-mixed dry material is loaded into a hopper, which is then fed into a high-pressure hose and mixed with water, creating a sprayable, easily applied concrete. The velocity that this process includes makes it easy for concrete to bind together during application. This reduces the chances that your concrete will develop cracks. This process is also very accommodating to worker’s time, since there is no racing against the clock to work with concrete before it sets — it’s only ever wet the moment it is applied, meaning that workers can start and stop as needed. As an added benefit, this method tends to be much more cost-effective than other application processes, such as shotcrete. 

Gunite Delivery with MJS Materials

When you need gunite delivered to your home or worksite, you can depend on MJS Materials. We’ve been serving Florida for decades, and we’ve made customer service and satisfaction our number one priority! In most cases, our fleet of loaders and haulers can be on their way to your location in a matter of hours after you place your order. Our goal is to provide same-day delivery of gunite, or at the very latest, next-day delivery. Contact MJS Materials today to learn more about gunite and its application process! Our experts can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to quickly providing you with the materials that you need to complete your next project!