What Is Crushed Asphalt? 

Crushed asphalt is the recycled form of regular asphalt. Normal asphalt is the black, sticky component made from petroleum that is used in creating concrete. Usually, asphalt is used in paving roadways, parking lots, and other large, flat surfaces. Forms of asphalt have been used for thousands of years, and developments in technique and technology have only made its application in everyday construction easier. If you would like any other information on the formation of asphalt and its practical uses, please contact one of our materials experts today!

What Can You Use Crushed Asphalt For?

Thankfully, asphalt is an incredibly easy to recycle material. Most of the asphalt that is removed from roadways is able to be recycled. This environmentally conscious method of using asphalt should be utilized as much as possible. In fact, you can mix crushed, recycled asphalt with new asphalt to increase its strength and durability!

Some common uses for crushed, recycled asphalt include: 

  • Supplementing cement
  • Hot asphalt application
  • Aggregate for other asphalt mixtures
  • Subbase material to add stability to other construction projects
  • Fill material for roadsides and embankments
  • And many more!

Let Us Be Your Crushed Asphalt Provider!

You can purchase as much crushed asphalt from MJS Materials as you need! It can be purchased in bulk, or you can buy only the amount that you need for your individual project. We have a large fleet of hauler and loaders that can deliver our crushed asphalt directly to your job site, and will do so in a timely, prompt fashion. Please contact one of our materials experts today if you have any questions regarding the usage, implementation or creation of crushed asphalt! We’re proud to offer this environmentally conscious material, and look forward to being the provider you need for all construction projects. Contact us today, and let us get started!