1. 5 Simple Landscaping Projects For When You’re Stuck at Home in Florida

    Landscaping Projects to Keep You Busy If you’re like most people, you may have suddenly found yourself with some extra time on your hands. While the wise and prudent thing to do is limit your interactions with large groups of people, that doesn’t mean that you need to sit around doing nothing! Your landscape project beckons, and MJS Materials has some great ideas that will keep you from going …Read More

  2. Landscape Supply in Florida From MJS Materials

    Landscape Rock Delivered in Florida When you need landscaping materials delivered to you, you want it fast at a competitive price. For over 30 years, MJS Materials has been serving the state of Florida with landscape rock materials on-demand! We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our most popular landscape materials. Hopefully the applications that these materials can be u…Read More

  3. Great Ideas for Landscaping With Rock

    Does Your Yard Need Something More? Have you stood out in your yard, looking over the landscape design, and thought to yourself, “I just think there needs to be something more?” At MJS Materials in Florida, we believe the answer to your question may be simple — rock! There are some very simple and effective ways that you can implement rock elements into your landscape design to make it pop. …Read More

  4. The 8 Best Ways to Use Pea Gravel

    The Versatility of Pea Gravel Pea gravel is a home landscape designer’s dream come true. It is inexpensive, looks great, feels nice underneath bare feet, and can be used in several different ways! The smooth, rounded edges of pea gravel are formed naturally by water, slowly eroding rocks into small, pea-shaped pebbles, hence the name. MJS Materials is proud to have been providing Florida residen…Read More

  5. Using Sand in Paver Installation

    Laying Pavers? MJS Materials Has You Covered Using pavers around your home or business’s architecture can be the sort of feature that really makes your property pop! Before you jump into pouring concrete or settling for a dirt walkway, take a minute to consider pavers for your next project. MJS Materials has been providing the necessary materials for these home improvement projects for over 30 y…Read More

  6. What Is the Best Driveway Gravel?

    Make Your Driveway Your Own With Driveway Rock So you’ve opted for driveway rock instead of concrete, but you’re not sure which rock you should use. With MJS Materials in Florida, you have many options available! Opting for driveway rock lets you have more freedom in deciding what material you use for your driveway, the texture you desire, how much you want to spend on the project, and how dur…Read More

  7. Using Sand in Your Landscaping

    7 Ways to Use Sand in Your Landscaping Projects There are few things better than sitting on a nice beach with an ice cold drink, kicking off your shoes, and letting your feet sink into nice, warm, smooth sand. The use of sand in your landscaping should not be overlooked! There are several uses for sand, many of which can add levels of convenience and comfort to your property that you may have neve…Read More

  8. What Is Drain Rock & How Is It Used?

    What Exactly Is Drain Rock? Drain rock is the term used for any type of rock that is designed to help manage your landscape area deal with moisture. There are many practical applications for drain rock, and we’ll go into a little bit more detail on those in this blog post. Using rocks as part of a drainage system has been used in architecture for thousands of years. The one thing that all drain …Read More

  9. What Can I Use Gravel For? 6 Practical Uses For Gravel

    Wondering How To Use Gravel Around Your Home? Gravel is an incredibly versatile building material, both around your home, and in construction projects all over the world. For thousands of years, forms of gravel have been used by people to make their lives better. We’d like to walk you through six of our favorite applications for using gravel, which will hopefully inspire you to contact us and le…Read More