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What Is The Best Driveway Gravel?

Make Your Driveway Your Own With Driveway Rock

So you’ve opted for driveway rock instead of concrete, but you’re not sure which rock you should use. With MJS Materials in Florida, you have many options available! Opting for driveway rock lets you have more freedom in deciding what material you use for your driveway, the texture you desire, how much you want to spend on the project, and how durable you need your driveway to be. Let us walk you through some of the factors to consider before making your decision, and then come to us for all of the supplies you need to get the job done!

Deciding On Your Driveway Rock

This is where your driveway design gets pretty fun. MJS has access to so many types of rock, that the possibilities for driveway design are practically endless! Here are some of our favorite materials to use for driveways.

Crushed Stone

Crushed aggregate stone is one of the most affordable and practical options available. The structure of the crushed rock helps to reduce dust and keeps the rock in place. Not only is this a great option for driveways, you’ll commonly see it in parking lots and other open spaces. Its availability, sustainability, and practicality make this a very popular choice for driveway rock.


Pea Gravel

You can afford to get a bit more creative with pea gravel. Pea gravel is available in different colors, freeing you up to match or accent your home design. Unlike crushed stone, pea gravel has a smooth, rounded texture that is pleasant to walk on. If your home has a more traditional architecture, pea gravel can appear particularly appealing, as it adds a degree of rustic flair to your design.

Crushed Stone #57

This special variety of rock is made from machine-crushed stone. The rock itself ends up being about the size of a golf-ball, and has a rough, angular texture. While it may not be very comfortable to walk on in bare feet, crushed stone #57 can look absolutely stunning in your driveway. If your property has to deal with spots of moisture or has issues draining water away from your driveway, crushed stone #57 excels at being able to let moisture pass through it and into the ground below, keeping water damage away from your property. This rock is also very commonly used in French drains for this very reason.

Contact Us For All Of Your Driveway Rock Needs!

Hopefully these descriptions of our favorite driveway rock materials have inspired you to pursue a rock driveway. If you have any questions regarding other materials available for this type of project, contact one of our materials experts today! We can provide you with a free quote for your driveway project. We also have a large fleet of loaders and haulers that can bring materials directly to your home! We’ve been serving Florida for over 30 years, delivering the best rock materials to homes, businesses and construction projects promptly and professionally. We look forward to helping you get your next project started!