Using Sand In Your Landscaping

7 Ways To Use Sand In Your Landscaping Projects

There are few things better than sitting on a nice beach with an ice cold drink, kicking off your shoes, and letting your feet sink into nice, warm, smooth sand. The use of sand in your landscaping should not be overlooked! There are several uses for sand, many of which can add levels of convenience and comfort to your property that you may have never thought of. We’d like to go over some of the best practical uses for sand in your landscaping projects, and hopefully, they will spark some ideas that will prompt you to contact us, MJS Materials, the best provider of sand and rock materials in Florida! Read on to learn more about all of the great things that sand can do for you in your next landscaping project.


Using sand for edging around your property is both visually attractive and functionally practical! When you create a border around pathways, sidewalks or along property lines, you can improve the curb appeal of your home from sight alone. Additionally, however, there can be a functional purpose for edging with sand — erosion prevention. When you edge along sidewalks, pathways, fences or property lines, you reduce the risk of those parts of your terrain from getting washed out or receiving excess water damage over time. There are several different types of sand that you can use for edging, and the experts at MJS Materials can help you decide which sand is right for your home or business!

Weed Prevention

If you’ve been having trouble with weeds on your property, or if you’re just looking to prevent weed growth, then you’ve probably considered using different forms of weed wraps under your rock or mulch beds. We recommend putting down a layer of sand as a base for your weed wrap, which adds another layer of defense against weed growth. Sand can be used underneath aggregate materials to add stability to the area as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your yard just the way you want it, only to have a bunch of weeds start popping up where you don’t want them. See what sand can do for you when it comes to keeping weeds at bay!

Tamping Aggregates

Speaking of aggregates, sand can be used as an affordable and versatile base foundation material for other aggregates that you may be using in your landscaping projects. Aggregates tend to settle over time when they don’t have a stable foundation. Because of sand’s physical properties and characteristics, it is easy to use a tamping tool, which compacts the sand, and adds stability to the foundation of landscape or small construction projects. The materials experts at MJS Materials can help you decide on which sand is best for this type of project.

Personal Beach

Recreational areas don’t always have to be grassy. There is a conservational benefit to using more sand in your recreational areas, especially not having to water the area. Create your own personal beach getaway right in your own backyard with sand! Enhance a cozy part of your yard with tropical plants and a plot of luxurious fine beach sand. If you have a pool, creating a small, homestyle beach nearby can make a seaside escape as easy as walking out your back door. You can get very creative when it comes to creating a personal beach. You can create a small alcove getaway, or you could go all-out and make a volleyball court right outside your living room! MJS Materials provides several different types of sand, and our materials experts can help you decide which one is best for building the ultimate home-beach feature for your property.

Japanese Garden

Maybe beach parties aren’t your thing, and you’d rather create something more quiet, contemplative and peaceful. If this is the case, we recommend you consider something like a Japanese garden, sometimes called a Zen garden. In these gardens, you can incorporate several different elements to create a backyard space that is conducive to meditation, quiet reflection, or great naps. Your garden can be designed with large stones, small stones, and a field of sand, which can then be raked into concentric circles, lines, or waves that represent the path of clouds or rivers. A Japanese garden could be just the unique feature you’ve been missing from your landscaping design!

Between Pavers

Another practical application for sand in your landscaping is to provide stability to walkways. If you’re using stone or concrete pavers to create a pathway, using sand as a foundation layer, and then between pavers, can be a great way to keep pavers from shifting too much. This can help prevent pavers from breaking as well, saving you money. You’ll want to use a gritty sand that compacts well for this kind of landscaping application. Our experts can advise you on the proper sand to use for this type of project.


If your landscaping includes a playground area for kids or grandkids, then playground sand is a must! Whether you are just including a sandbox, or would like to the entire play area to take advantage of soft, safe sand, MJS Materials can provide what you need. Build memories and sandcastles in your backyard with a sand playground feature. You kids will thank you, and you can feel assured knowing that fine, soft, silica-free play sand reduces the risk of injury while playing.

Let MJS Materials Be Your Sand Provider

If you’re planning on going all-out and xeriscaping your yard with rock and sand, or you’re simply considering a small beach getaway nook, let MJS Materials be the company that provides you with quality sand materials. We have been serving Florida for over three decades, and have a large fleet of loaders and haulers that can bring materials directly to your home or business for your landscaping project. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding sand and how it can be used in your constructions, and our experts will have an answer for you! We look forward to helping you get started on your next big project!