How To Figure Out The Amount Of Sand You Need Delivered

How To Calculate For Sand Delivery Services

When you’re beginning a landscaping, construction or recreational project that requires an unknown amount of sand, there are some very simple calculations that you can make to estimate how much sand to order. Calculations will be a little different depending on how you’re going to be using sand, such as using the sand to fill holes or other voids, or if you’re using sand as topdressing for a large area. These calculations work for a variety of materials, and may even harken back to your geometry classes. Hopefully some of these simple formulas ring a bell!

Calculating Sand Amounts For Filling Holes

There are a few variables that you need to determine to calculate an accurate amount of sand or soil that will fill holes in your landscaping or construction project. To determine these variables, you should first determine the square footage of the space. Use this simple formula:

  • Length x Width = Square Footage

Next, you calculate the cubic feet by multiplying the square footage amount by the depth of the hole, like this:

  • Square Footage x Depth (in feet) = Cubic Footage

Thirdly, you’ll convert that cubic footage measurement into cubic yards:

  • Cubic Footage / 27 = Cubic Yards

And finally, to determine the number of tons needed, you’ll calculate:

  • Cubic Yards x 1.35 = Amount of Tons Needed (in this instance, a cubic yard is equal to about 1.35 tons of sand.)

And there you have it! When you determine the amount of sand you need using these simple equations, you can be accurate with your sand order and get it delivered to you quickly.

Calculating For Topdressing With Sand

When you’re using sand as a topdressing for a large area of ground, the calculations you need to make are just as simple, and actually quite quick to determine. To determine how much sand you need to order from MJS Materials for topdressing, calculate:

  • Area Length x Area Width = Square Footage

Next, you’ll determine the how many cubic yards of material are needed for surface coverage by calculating:

  • Square Feet x Depth of Sand Application in Inches x 0.0031 = Cubic Yards of Topdressing Needed for Coverage

And finally:

  • Cubic Yards Needed for Coverage x 1.35 = Tons of Sand Needed
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Great Ideas For Landscaping With Sand

These simple formulas can be used to help you order sand directly to your home or worksite with ease! With these data points ready, you can easily order sand to use as a base in other building projects or to use as fillers between pavers, create a full-blown Zen garden, make a deluxe sandy play area for your kids or grandkids, create a sandy edging around your property, and much more!

MJS Materials Delivers Sand Throughout Florida!

We’ve been serving the state of Florida for decades, and in that time, we’ve amassed a huge fleet of loaders and haulers that can provide sand delivery services directly to you, often on the same day that you order! Contact us today to place your sand order, and we’ll be on our way to you in no time. If you have any other questions about sand quantities that are necessary for your project, contact us today to speak with a materials expert!