Great Ideas For Landscaping With Rock

Does Your Yard Need Something More?

Have you stood out in your yard, looking over the landscape design, and thought to yourself, “I just think there needs to be something more?” At MJS Materials in Florida, we believe the answer to your question may be simple — rock! There are some very simple and effective ways that you can implement rock elements into your landscape design to make it pop. Don’t settle for a landscape that you don’t enjoy spending time in! Take the time to read through some of our ideas for making your yard a haven for you and your family.

Ideas For Landscaping With Rock

These are some of our favorite ideas for using rock in and around your landscape. We sincerely hope that these ideas spark your creativity, and that you contact the rock materials experts at MJS for all of the supplies you need! That said, here’s our list:

Replace Your Mulch

Mulch is great and all, but what happens when the wind picks up? You may as well have used tissue paper in your landscaping. Using rock in place of mulch not only looks great, but is much more practical and low maintenance. With mulch, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace it every season or so. With rock, however, those puppies aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. The durability of rock means that it can last the lifetime of your landscaping! There are design elements to using rock that will make your plants more striking as well— the light color of rock that you use helps your foliage to stand out, having a more impressive outline. The use of rock also naturally discourages weed growth, especially when a weed barrier has been put in place. Rock has the added function of helping control water levels- water drains faster through rock than mulch, won’t become muddy, and helps prevent standing water from pooling around your plants.

Get Creative With A Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a great idea for your landscape if you want to create a point of interest that requires very little upkeep. Choose some particularly aesthetically pleases stones, have them be the focal point, and surround them with rock and flowers of your choosing. Large rocks can also break up the space of flower beds, making for a more visually interesting environment. The color of stones that you choose can compliment your home’s architecture or color, and provide your landscaping with a bit of flair.


Make An Interesting Centerpiece

Stone itself can function as a sort of natural sculpture. Explore your options for unique, large rocks or boulders, and make them a design feature of your landscape. Contrasting the biological elements of your yard, like bushes and shrubs, with angular, inorganic stone can make a wonderful statement. You also have the option of getting creative with concrete, making a personalized stone monument, like the shape of a home state, or a symbol that means something to you.

Customize Your Pond Border

If you’ve included a nice water feature in your landscaping, you have the unique opportunity to customize it further with a stone pond border. In addition to helping accentuate the pond, you can create natural sitting areas out of stone, so you can relax and enjoy the fish! Stone has a practical application here as well, being able to cover unsightly hoses and liners. Using stone around your pond or water feature can help it appear like it is something out of a story, and will provide a nice place to escape and listen to the calming waters.

Make Planting Easier With A Container Garden

This idea falls into the category of “work smarter, not harder.” Rather than placing flower pots and containers in an area that you need to continuously water them, create a rock bed in a part of your landscape that takes advantage of your sprinkler system. In this area, you can place potted plants and let your sprinklers take care of watering! When you line the area with a weed barrier, this becomes an incredibly low maintenance alternative to remembering to water your plants all of the time. If space is an issue on your porch or patio, moving those potted plants out into the yard could be a handy solution.

Lead The Way With Stepping Stones

Since you’ve put all of this work into making your yard landscape beautiful, you’ll want guests to be able to experience it. We can’t think of a better way to do this than to make stone pathways that lead people to your favorite features. Using stepping stones can be a more customizable, artistic way to create pathways throughout your landscape. You better believe there’s a practical benefit to using stone pathways as well — your walkways will be kept much cleaner, since stone, as we mentioned earlier, is much better at draining standing water than grass or mulch! Rock pathways reduce your chances of getting muddy feet and tracking that mess around your deck or house. Stepping stones can be bordered with pea gravel or other smaller rock to make them appear even more spectacular.

Use Rock Where Grass Won’t Grow

You might have an area of your landscape where, for whatever reason, grass just won’t take. If you have a problem area like this, you should consider utilizing that space for a design featuring rock! You can use stone to create a sitting area, a fire pit, a rock garden, or any other interesting rock feature!

Let MJS Materials Provide You With What You Need

If you decide that you would like to use rock in your landscaping (and we believe you should!), then please, contact MJS Materials today and let us help you get started on your project! We have a large fleet of rock delivery trucks and rock loaders, so we can bring your materials directly to you! If you have any questions regarding what types of rock we carry, or would like some additional ideas for how rock can be used in your landscaping plans, please give us a call and speak with one of our materials experts! We’ve been serving Florida for years with the highest quality rock materials, and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you.