What is #57 Stone?

The particular stone called #57 stone is a crushed stone that is primarily used in landscaping and other construction projects. This crushed stone is extremely common in the state of Florida, finding practical use almost everywhere. #57 stone is durable and affordable, making it the perfect selection for most of your construction needs. The stone is typically around ¾” in size and passes through a square-shaped screen, ensuring an essentially uniform size.

What is #57 Stone Used For?

#57 crushed stone is used for practically any construction or landscaping project. It can be used in the surfacing of roads, driveways, and parking lots, as well as part of the aggregate mixture for base rock layers in road construction. Other common applications include base layers for sidewalks, ballast material for railway lines, and basic repair utility in residential construction. It can be used as a simple, practical way to extend driveways and parking areas, and because of its uniform appearance, can be used in many landscaping scenarios. It is also commonly used for drainage systems and can be mixed with asphalt to make concrete. The possibilities for this versatile stone are numerous!

Come to MJS Materials for All of Your #57 Stone Needs!

You can purchase #57 crushed stone in bulk, or you can purchase it in predetermined quantities that fit your specific project. MJS Materials has a large fleet of haulers and loaders that can bring any quantity of building material directly to your worksite and in a timely, prompt manner. Contact us today if you have any questions about the particulars of #57 crushed rock, its applications, and how it can be used in your project. Our materials experts can answer any questions you have! We look forward to working with you and making your construction project look its absolute best!